Vegan Choices
A thought for animals and the environment…

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We live in a world where many people are thinking more about what they eat, and are becoming uncomfortable with the notion that animals have to be killed so that they can eat

ie to eat meat, animals must die.

For those who wish to explore Vegan Choices we have listed some links below that may be helpful.

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Vegan Philosophy-General:  A good starting point       Check this out too

Vegan Health… Supplements requirements:   Some Supplement Recommendations     Another View

Vegan Societies:  Wiki View-Links    The Vegan Society   Australia   NSW   New Zealand  USA

Vegan Supplies: Melbourne-Sydney   Melbourne    Brisbane    Online

Vegan Cooking: A site-A   Another Site-B   Another Site-C   Another Site-D  Yet Another Site-E  Vegangela  Vegan Richa

Vegan Dining: Sydney   Melbourne  Brisbane   Darwin (Veg friendly only)    Perth   Adelaide

Vegan (Alchoholic) Drinks Listed Vegan Drinks   Vegan Drink Info

Vegan Blogs:  A Blog and Recipes  Happy Cow Blog

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Disclaimer: This site does not necessarily endorse all or any of the information contained in the above links. It is up to the individual to be responsible for there own research and decisions and should always consult a medical practitioner before making any major dietary changes